As legal counselors, the continued marginalization of so many communities is a stark reminder of the work still to be done. To create lasting change, we must also look inward and make improvements within our firm. As we build relationships, break stereotypes, and demand change, we are exploring opportunities to benefit and enrich our collective community. Additionally, we will continue to hold diversity in all of its forms as a fundamental platform of our continued success as a law firm, and we will remain focused on doing our part to increase representation and inclusion of diverse attorneys and staff within the firm and the legal industry as a whole.

Actions Speak

Part of being a purpose-built law firm is creating a platform where our diverse and next generation attorneys hold significant roles in driving the firm’s success. We created the BD Pod program to foster an ecosystem that intentionally promotes:

  • Pathways for meaningful inclusion and participation in business development and relationship building for our diverse attorneys
  • Internal connectivity among our attorneys in our hybrid work model
  • Development and relationship building opportunities for our associates
  • Opportunities for our NextGen future leaders to identify and pursue more robust pathways to grow their practices

Each BD Pod includes senior partners, more junior partners, associates, diverse attorneys, and geographically dispersed attorneys. Through the BD Pod program, our diverse and next generation attorneys are given real world responsibilities, so they can develop their practices and interact with a wider range of attorneys and business leaders.


Pro Bono in Action

Pro Bono

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