Although many cases get resolved through settlement or judgment in the underlying litigation, often a party is dissatisfied with the result it achieves and therefore files an appeal. In those instances, we have experienced litigators who know what it takes to successfully prosecute and defend such appeals, in both state and federal appellate courts. Several of our litigators have themselves served as clerks at various appellate courts, including the Federal and Eleventh Circuit Courts of Appeals.



Video thumbnail of Litigation Fundamentals with Henry Quillian and Donald Boyle | Lost or Destroyed Trial Transcripts and the Importance of Opening and Closing Statements

Attorneys Henry M. Quillian III and Don Boyle discuss a variety of important topics including: 1) what happens when your trial transcript gets lost or destroyed, 2) the importance of the opportunity to both open and close, including when you have counterclaims and 3) recent cases by the Georgia Supreme Court on (a) appellate jurisdiction, (b) statutory interpretation and (c) stare decisis.