Election and Campaign Law


Once a cyclical topic in the media, election and political news today all but dominates headlines. From aspiring politicians to businesses and policy advocates, understanding the nuances of local election and political scenes remains a critical step. Through our extensive familiarity with redistricting, campaign finance, and the nuts and bolts of election administration, we provide proactive strategies for continued success.

We work closely with state and local government leaders and have the national campaign experience and lobbying background that gives us insight into the current political landscape. We help clients with campaign finance compliance, uphold voter integrity for elections and provide counsel on processes with the goal of avoiding litigation. As a full-service partner, our election and political law group works in tandem with in-house practice groups in corporate law, labor and employment law, and intellectual property. The goal: to merge experience with efficiency to support those individuals and organizations looking to engage in the political process.



Video thumbnail of Meet Frank Strickland – Daily Report’s Lifetime Achievement Recipient

Frank Strickland is the 2020 recipient of The Daily Report’s Lifetime Achievement award. A treasured member of the Georgia legal community, Frank discusses the changes in election law, or as he prefers to call it political law, and the counsel he provides to young lawyers.