Taylor English’s Bitcoin practice group offers a range of legal and support services targeted to the Bitcoin industry and Bitcoin-centric companies. As this new industry grows, there is an evolving need for legal guidance on a wide range of issues, from basic corporate structuring and employment needs to federal and state regulatory compliance.

As a full-service firm, Taylor English provides counsel on the key challenges facing Bitcoin companies and does so with a comprehensive knowledge of industry goals. Taylor English offers legal services in a variety of areas, including: mergers and acquisitions, employment law, regulatory insights and litigation management. Services extend to intellectual property and copyright issues, which can be closely tied to trading algorithms.

Having a partner who has a first-principles understanding of the industry and can oversee upfront business alignment challenges translates into protection for your business from potential future litigation.

Proactive guidance also means teaching the public the merit of your business. The firm’s government relations group, t|e decisions, sits at the nexus of business and government affairs. The t|e decisions team can offer a service that many Bitcoin companies need but are often lacking: a way to educate state and federal regulators on the value of your underlying product. In the open-source spirit of Bitcoin, these combined efforts can result in significant advantages not just for your company, but also for the larger Bitcoin community.

With a deep understanding of the Bitcoin landscape and the inner workings of asset class, the Bitcoin team knows how to minimize risks and maximize success for clients. Pairing legal counsel with government affairs through t|e decisions makes Taylor English a holistic partner of choice for Bitcoin companies.




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As a founding member of the firm’s Bitcoin practice group, Bryan Jacoutot shares the team’s background and interest in supporting Bitcoin-centric companies. He  touches on the regulatory and legal issues innate to the Bitcoin industry and how Taylor English’s proactive counsel can protect clients from potential future litigation.