Tax Credits and Special Incentives


Billions of dollars of business projects and transactions in the United States are enabled by federal, state and local tax credits annually. Our attorneys can handle everything related to tax credits, from identifying opportunities to preparing the extensive documentation required in complex transactions. We also issue tax opinions and advise on compliance and advise state authorities in their consideration of new credits to reward investments that will result in significant job development.

Our tax and special incentives knowledge and experience includes:

  • Investment Tax Credits (ITC),
  • Historic Preservation Tax Credits (HTC),
  • Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC),
  • Opportunity Zone Tax Benefits,
  • New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC),
  • Renewable Energy Tax Credits,
  • Angel Investor Tax Credits,
  • Jobs Tax Credits,
  • Invest Georgia Tax Credits, and
  • Entertainment, Film, Television and Gaming Tax Credits.