Our industry-leading experience and understanding of the business and of the legal issues impacting staffing companies empowers you to achieve your business goals. The Taylor English staffing team pulls from a strong background of in-house experience, and includes four former GCs, including the former GC of the U.S. subsidiary of the world’s second largest staffing company. The team also includes senior attorneys with decades of experience at national employment and labor law firms. This high-level experience allows us to understand our staffing clients’ business objectives, the delicate balance between the interests of a staffing company and its customer, and a staffing company’s need to bring predictability to its legal expenditures. We have advised specialized staffing companies in most industries, as well as clients using their services. Our attorneys often collaborate with the American Staffing Association regarding legal and business issues facing the industry.

Representative Clients

  • Hospitality Staffing Solutions, LLC
  • Staffmark
  • Helpmates Staffing Services
  • Rightech Corporation
  • Spire Workforce Solutions

"Taylor English understands that when we engage the firm's services, our opportunity for gaining revenue depends upon quick focus and excellent responsiveness. In addition to high-quality legal and industry expertise, the attorneys bring business practicality by advising us when business opportunities do not fit our Company's standards and foregoing the additional legal work that could be performed on such matters. That same business sense allows Taylor English to balance the need to reduce Helpmates' risk, while at the same time working to ensure that our business opportunities are not constrained."  

- Dan Struve, Chief Executive Officer, Helpmates Staffing Services





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In the words of Allen W. Nelson, co-founder of t|e General Counsel, a fractional GC arrangement marries business-savvy legal counsel with predictable costs. For staffing companies, this model embeds experienced, former general counsel and other former senior in-house attorneys into the company, on terms driven by the client. This allows the fractional GC to advise on complex legal and business life cycle issues based on their own experience in business and sitting at the senior table of other companies. Serving a wide range of companies — from start-ups, to growth stage companies, to mid-size companies, and beyond — the fractional GC model allows companies to receive the legal counsel needed without the fully-loaded expense of a full-time employee.

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