Our sports work is, literally, big league. We have represented pro baseball, football and basketball franchises; NASCAR teams; and Division I college programs; as well as individual players, associations, venues, and event organizers. Our work encompasses talent contracts, construction and acquisition financing, licensing and merchandising, and endorsements. We’ve handled the sale of a major league baseball team, negotiated a major credit facility for a pro team, set up licensing for a major university sports program, and advised athletes on the formation of foundations, employment contracts and wealth planning.

Our work for clients includes:

  • Contracts,
  • Employment agreements and other issues,
  • Executive compensation,
  • Finance,
  • Intellectual property protection,
  • Merchandise licensing and enforcement,
  • Mergers and acquisitions,
  • NCAA investigations,
  • NCAA license for sponsorships and media rights,
  • Player contracts,
  • Public performance rights,
  • Real estate acquisition and leases,
  • Sponsorships,
  • Tax issues,
  • Trusts and estates, and
  • Venue licensing and vendor contracts.