We are equipped with the trial-tested results and resources to represent some of the biggest retailers in the United States, as well as the agility and business perspective to assist the store down the street. From national grocery store chains and multinational big box retailers, to upstart boutiques, Taylor English is constantly seeking results that will mitigate risk and avoid adverse public-relations exposure while maximizing value to its clients.

We have assisted our clients in successfully navigating every aspect of retail litigation: premises liability, contract and lease disputes, false arrest and related security claims, pharmacy liability, and negligent hiring/supervision claims.

We recognize that often the best resolution for the client is to avoid litigation or quickly resolve it at the outset.

Working with our corporate attorneys, many of whom served as general counsel at major corporations, our litigators make a concerted effort to evaluate cases early on and, where beneficial, negotiate and craft workable settlements for our clients before the disputes escalate into costly litigation. In short, we bring a “business” mentality to understanding how a court case or arbitration fits into your overall business goals and objectives.

Premises Liability

Taylor English litigators have significant experience with matters that deal with a property owner’s duty to keep its premises reasonably safe from negligent acts, as well as intentional and criminal acts committed by third parties.

Our team members are equipped with the know-how to handle these claims, which range from allegations of negligent security, slip and falls, dram shop cases, negligent maintenance and negligent property management.