Employment and Labor Relations


Taylor English is your go-to legal source for human resources issues. We understand that the employer-employee dynamic is central to the success of a business and, with 25 employment attorneys—many of whom spent decades honing their skills at management-side law firms and corporate in-house employment departments—we stand ready to protect your business with efficient and effective legal counsel.

For employers whose workforces are unionized, we provide representation in collective bargaining, work actions, unfair labor practices allegations, grievances, arbitration, decertification campaigns and all interaction with agencies such as the National Labor Relations Board. We counsel non-union employers and train managers on how to maintain a healthy and positive work environment that discourages the formation of unions, and we advise them on the legal guidelines they must follow when faced with organizing drives.

We routinely represent retail clients in all aspects of the employment relationship, from hiring to discipline and termination, from training to counseling, from internal complaints to administrative complaints and full-blown litigation, including:

  • Advice and Counseling;
  • Drafting and Enforcing Restrictive Covenants;
  • Management and Employee Training;
  • Grievance Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution;
  • Handbook/Policy Drafting, Review and Implementation;
  • Internal Investigations of Discrimination, Harassment, Retaliation and Workplace Violence;
  • Union relations; and
  • Wage and Hour Issues.