Licensing and Permitting


We are a leader in licensing, permitting and education for businesses in the hospitality industry. Georgia is recognized as one of the most complex states for obtaining the licenses and permits necessary to operate a business, particularly alcohol licenses. Our attorneys and senior licensing consultants work closely with both local and state regulators on a daily basis. We have also worked with multiple jurisdictions to re-write their alcohol ordinances to simplify the licensing process, and create more certainty and fairness for the alcohol industry. We also work with businesses to educate owners and managers about the myriad of alcohol laws that apply to their particular locations. Our Responsible Alcohol Sales & Service (RASS) workshops are so highly regarded that they are now a prerequisite for obtaining an alcohol license in several Georgia jurisdictions. Georgia’s food and beverage trade associations, including the Georgia Restaurant Association, Georgia Food Industry Association and Georgia Association of Convenience Stores, regularly call on us for advice on alcohol matters. Whether it’s obtaining a license or mitigating an enforcement action, we have the knowledge and relationships necessary to navigate the complex laws that attach to alcohol licensing. 






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Michele Stumpe and Kerry Stumpe share their experiences with supporting the hospitality industry, and how the Taylor English model is a perfect marriage between having your own firm and the resources of a larger law firm.