Public Interest and Advocacy


Leaders stake out a position. We defend and support our advocacy and non-profit clients as they champion Constitutional freedoms and argue for public policy reforms.

Our public interest clients are passionate about issues, not corporate filings. We make their jobs easier by taking care of their legal infrastructure while they purse their missions. We advise them on corporate formation, tax-exempt status and other regulatory issues that define their spheres of influence. Our service areas include employment laws, election regulations, Internal Revenue Service compliance and religious liberty issues, as well as state and federal registrations.

The strength of our practice lies in the scope and value of our, allowing our clients to rely on one law firm for the legal advice they need to grow their organization and champion their stakeholders. In recent years, we have been on the forefront of efforts to defend clients’ religious liberty and free speech rights. This has included cases where we defended organizations from government overreach in employment decisions and other workplace regulations, defamation claims from political opponents and threats to their tax-exempt and non-profit status.

Many clients only need a little assistance. When they want to take on big issues, we have the resources to represent them all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Our team has argued constitutional issues at the nation’s high court and dozens of successful jury trials. 

Representative Clients

  • National grassroots advocacy organizations
  • Georgia grassroots organization active in local issues
  • PAC active in 2016 GOP primary election
  • Laurelbrook Sanitarium and School, Inc.





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