We understand the business side of non-profits, and we offer creative approaches to guide you in managing governance, financial and operational issues, enabling you to fulfill your organization’s mission.

We offer business-savvy counseling that recognizes both the unique challenges and opportunities for private foundations, public charities, trade associations, educational institutions, religious organizations, as well as professional and political organizations. Compliance with state and federal laws on annual reporting, board governance, fundraising, and the tax code are challenging, and we advise on every aspect of keeping you on the right side regulators. On the opportunity side, we have rich experience in the relatively new areas of social enterprise, and alternative financing of the missions of both member-focused and community-focused organizations. While our tax attorneys provide essential services to non-profits, our corporate lawyers offer a broader perspective on building the business side for long-term sustainability.





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Bryan Jacoutot covers the basics of what blockchain is, how blockchain works, how it came to be and how bitcoin uses the blockchain.

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