Product Liability


Manufacturers who have experienced product claims understand the need for a firm that has the experience to make an early assessment of the potential exposure from a claim and can either resolve it in a cost-effective manner without undue publicity, or fight strenuously for vindication of the product. We guide clients to a successful resolution drawn from handling numerous matters for both claimants and manufacturers. Our attorneys also are experienced in preservation of evidence, which is a key component in most product liability cases, and we provide risk management services to clients who face these types of claims.

The Taylor English Product Liability group consists of experienced trial attorneys, appellate advocates and former in-house counsel with a track record of success in product-related disputes and litigation.

As a group, we believe in proactive case assessment and management as a means of placing our clients in the strongest position possible and providing them with the information needed to make sound risk management decisions. To accomplish this, we work directly with our clients to conduct thorough internal investigations, secure expert analysis where needed, and map out a plan to resolution that is consistent with the client’s business and risk management objectives. Our goal is always to align ourselves with our clients to overcome the challenges presented.

Our product liability experience is both varied and deep, having represented clients on a local, regional, and national basis. Our attorneys represent manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in most major industries, including the aviation, automotive, building products, consumer products, plant equipment, electronics, chemical and pest control, medical device, and pharmaceutical industries, in both consumer-driven litigation and business-to-business disputes. Examples of product liability matters handled by members of our group include: asbestos, aircraft and aircraft components, vehicles and tires, industrial machines, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, pesticides, power tools, and a variety of consumer products.

Members of our product liability team have achieved favorable outcomes for our clients through the effective use of expert testimony and challenges to opposing experts under Federal Rule of Evidence 702, Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, and similar state procedures.

As a product liability team, we provide our clients with:

  • Early assessment claim investigation and containment counseling,
  • National and regional case management services,
  • Strategic litigation initiative services,
  • Litigation, trial and appellate representation, and
  • Advice and counseling on legal aspects of sales contracts, product warnings and labeling, product recalls and CPSC compliance and reporting issues.

And in doing so, our attorneys have: 

  • Served as national coordinating counsel for a Fortune 500 consumer product manufacturer,  managing all toxic tort and product liability claims nationwide,
  • Served as regional and national counsel for a major national pest control services provider, handling all aspects of defense of chemical exposure claims from discovery through trial, arbitration, and appeals,
  • Served as in-house and outside counsel for a leading building materials manufacturer managing the defense of that company’s asbestos litigation nationwide, from inception through trial,
  • Served as lead warranty counsel for a major auto distributor for the defense of warranty actions in Georgia,
  • Served as Daubert counsel and a member of the national trial team for a latex glove manufacturer, and
  • Defended aircraft and aircraft component part manufacturers in catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims arising out of aircraft accidents.