Class and Collective Action


Class action lawsuits can touch a number of business concerns including: Wage and Hour, Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and discrimination claims. In all of these instances, there are nuances and details that require careful attention. As a full-service firm with counselors and litigators in this arena, Taylor English is uniquely positioned to navigate companies through employment and consumer law challenges.

The firm’s Class and Collective Action Team is comprised of attorneys located throughout the country with vast experience in class and collective action lawsuits. Partnering with Taylor English means entrusting the team to manage Wage and Hour class and collective actions, such as defending against allegations of misclassification of exemption status of employees, work off the clock, and denial of meal and rest breaks. The team also has a number of practitioners admitted in California who are seasoned in handling wage and hour class actions under the California Labor Code, including claims under the Private Attorney General Act (PAGA). Our attorneys are also well-versed in handling discrimination class actions, including those regarding unequal-pay claims and failure-to-promote and failure-to-hire claims. 

Practice group team members also focus on defending and resolving class actions regarding denial of equal access to a place of public accommodation. These attorneys have a background in defending cases that challenge the accessibility of brick and mortar stores as well as their websites.

Additional class action services include defending litigation involving the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and allegations surrounding collection letters, credit reporting, litigation activity and other collection efforts. The team also defends litigation alleging TCPA violations based on consumer consent and automatic telephone dialing systems, working within the FCRA framework.

Members of our class action team also have defended putative class actions involving mass torts and alleged consumer fraud in the provision of goods or services. Our attorneys have defeated class certification in these matters and successfully defended and resolved the remaining individual lawsuits, including cases involving hundreds of named plaintiffs.

One of the many values the team offers is experience conducting nationwide audits of businesses to achieve compliance. These first-hand analyses result in timely learnings and real-life lessons that translate to practical client support. Audits also help clients stave off class action lawsuits that cost the company tremendous time and resources to defend.

The practice group also creates, develops and helps clients implement alternative dispute resolution programs, including mediation and arbitration agreements that encompass a class action waiver to prevent class and collective action lawsuits from materializing. Once drafted, the team works to defend class action waivers across the country.

Engaging Taylor English’s Class and Collective Action Team reflects a commitment to having the best leadership counsel in place to position your company for long-term success.