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In your business, ingenuity is the basis of your intellectual property. In our business, ingenuity, in addition to extensive legal experience and commitment to client service, is the basis of how we help you protect such property.

We partner with you to identify, develop and protect intellectual property and processes that are essential to your business, from patents and trade secrets to copyrights and trademarks. Our attorneys have reinforced their legal experience with scientific and engineering knowledge, which allows them to work with you at every step in the growth of your intellectual property portfolio. Some of our attorneys have substantial in-house intellectual property experience, giving them insight into the complex operational issues faced by technology-oriented companies, as well as an in-house lawyer’s perspective on cost efficiency.

Litigation and transaction support are major parts of our practice. We structure agreements to obtain the full value of large intellectual property portfolios and draw on a powerful and resourceful team of experienced attorneys in litigation matters in state and federal courts, as well as the International Trade Commission. Our attorneys also can help you navigate complicated reexamination and inter partes review proceedings in the U.S. Patent Office.

“As a leading worldwide manufacturer of hard disc drives and digital storage systems, Seagate depends on the highest quality patent services like those provided by the experienced attorneys of Taylor English. The firm’s commitment to quality is just as important as its commitment to efficiency.”

- Ken Massaroni, Former Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer, Seagate Technology LLC





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Video thumbnail of Meet Attorney Russell Dunlap

Russell Dunlap, an intellectual property attorney, is passionate about supporting and safeguarding his clients' inventions. Leveraging his background in mechanical engineering and focusing on patents, he counsels clients in consumer goods and manufacturing.

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In making the transition to Taylor English’s remote program, Micheline Johnson became an integral part of a collaborative team from day one.

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