With millions of dollars on the line, clients turn to us for advice in assessing and allocating environmental risk in real estate, lending, and corporate transactions. We help our clients work with consultants to develop proper environmental due diligence scope and then place the results of that due diligence into business and environmental context in framing the terms of the deal. We explain the acronyms and help our clients understand and work through the options and risks with their counter-parties. And we do it in a common sense and often creative way that makes the deal happen.

We do the same when it comes to energy transactions, in both traditional and renewable energy sectors. We work hand-in-hand with our clients in negotiating energy contracts, including power, fuel and emission credit purchases; and project development. We have handled all stages and types of documentation for project development, from letters of intent and term sheets, to complex agreements such as easements and licenses, interconnection agreements, O&M agreements, and engineering, procurement, and construction agreements. We have served U.S. energy markets across the country.

We often represent companies or energy plants that partner with or sell energy to major utilities. This includes open-loop biomass, closed-loop biomass, ethanol, wind, solar and other technologies. We have advised both project sponsors and investors in Section 48 investment tax credits, Section 45 production tax credits, accelerated depreciation and other renewable energy incentives.