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Our clients strive for perfection on the field, on the set and in the studio. We match their creativity with innovative legal approaches that allow them to realize the full commercial value of their talent and entertainment businesses in a global marketplace.

Entertainment covers a lot of ground, from stadium sporting events to film and television to music to tablet video games. We have seen the legal side of all aspects of entertainment, and our team brings different legal disciplines together to support clients in every facet of their entertainment enterprises. The working relationships among the attorneys who contribute to this practice set the table for fast, creative responses. The practice includes the former assistant general counsel to a worldwide cable television programmer and attorneys who have advised on entertainment, sports and media transactions and contracts valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.

Our news and media clients appreciate our experience, quick turnaround, and practical perspective on a variety of prepublication and prebroadcast review issues, including privacy, defamation, and copyright. Our in-depth experience helps us provide quick answers with an appreciation for keeping the story intact. We have counseled local and national newspapers, broadcast channels, and news aggregators in these issues and in media and intellectual property litigation around the country.





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