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Responsiveness is the hallmark of our practice. We understand that the employer-employee dynamic is critical to the success of a business and, with more than 25 employment attorneys—many of whom spent decades honing their skills at management-side law firms and corporate in-house employment departments—we stand ready to enhance and/or protect your business with effective, business-oriented legal counsel.

Our approach is simple: we learn our clients’ businesses to identify and resolve issues before they become problems, preventing the loss of time and money associated with extensive legal proceedings. When the worst happens, we have achieved tremendous success on behalf of our clients by obtaining early dismissals of lawsuits before trial. We routinely represent businesses of all sizes—from Fortune 500 companies to startup entities—in all aspects of the employment relationship. From pre-employment screening, including those that occur under the Fair Credit and Reporting Act, through hiring and discipline to termination, from training to counseling, from internal complaints to administrative complaints and full-blown litigation, Taylor English responds to client needs while always keeping in mind the business interests that are our clients’ highest priorities.

We recognize that, at times, clients will benefit from alternative billing arrangements in those circumstances, and have successfully partnered with clients to implement flat fees for certain projects, including training, audits, handbook preparation, and certain agency proceedings and litigation situations.

“They’re very impressive - experienced lawyers working with sophisticated clients.”

- Chambers USA 2016





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Shawntel R. Hebert talks about things an employer should look for and what their rights and responsibilities when faced with a request for accommodations after an employee has violated a workplace rule.

Shawntel R. Hebert discusses the Americans with Disabilities Act and employee requests for accommodation and what an employers responsibilities and rights are with respect to dealing with those requests.

Alison M. Ballard discusses how to structure the workplace investigation. 

Alison M. Ballard discusses tips on how to conduct a workplace investigation and what to think about when conducting an investigation.

In-house counsel and executives discuss employment-related best practices and real-life scenarios in C-Suite investigations.

In the first installment of Taylor English’s HR Minute, Amy Burton Loggins discusses the multitude of issues surrounding the use of social media in the recruiting and hiring process.

Amy Burton Loggins addresses questions such as: can a company rely on a resume when hiring? Are job applications necessary? What are the risks in using a form application?

Amy Burton Loggins provides guidance on when background checks are appropriate in the hiring process and how to use them correctly.

Amy Burton Loggins provides tips on reading a completed application and using the information in the interview process.


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