Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace


At Taylor English, we believe that great companies are rooted in innovative cultures. Through partnerships with various businesses over the years on diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives, we’ve developed a workplace culture framework that drives change and develops industry leaders.

Any successful diversity, equity and inclusion effort must be seated in the concept of valuing individual contributors. Every employee–regardless of their title–seeks respect and recognition. By creating pathways for advancement, businesses can retain quality team members while reaping the benefits that come from different perspectives and backgrounds. Additionally, companies that encourage a sense of belonging and inclusivity are more likely to see an increase in business, revenue and profits. Taylor English can help bridge disconnects between management and employees by facilitating intentional plans to foster cultural change.

While a grass roots approach to change sounds ideal, it is incumbent upon leadership to spark transformation. For most companies, that begins with a statement from the highest ranking management member followed by an intentional strategic action plan. A company’s approach may include training and an evolution within leadership to support long-term business needs. Complementing efforts can encompass employee surveys and subsequent planning, building task forces and engaging HR as it relates to recruiting, hiring, promotion and pay practices.

Having a proactive approach to workplace culture not only enriches your company, it can also lower the risk for litigation. Our team is able to guide clients on practical measures that instill trust in employees and enhance an organization’s overall value. For companies looking to develop diversity, equity and inclusion practices that empower teams and encourage collaboration, Taylor English is the partner of choice.