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Companies now recognize the immense opportunities—and responsibilities—of data in today’s always-connected world. We partner with you in maintaining the trust of customers, investors and business partners.

Each year, there are more than 1.5 million cyber-attacks on U.S. businesses. Increasingly, these attacks target small and medium-sized businesses, without regard to industry. Perhaps more importantly, everyday access to data can result in losses even without an attack: devices can be lost or stolen, for example; or employees can send an email to the wrong audience. Every data incident has the potential to become a legal matter and can result in financial losses, litigation and erosion of investor and customer confidence. We advise clients on compliance with government regulations, internal assessment and planning, and response to incidents and litigation.

In addition to securing their data, American businesses of all sizes must increasingly focus on data privacy issues. New rules in the US and elsewhere are changing the way we think about data: whose it is and what rights a business has to it. Access to valuable data—your own, your employees’, and your customers’—means that compliance with federal and state privacy laws is becoming increasingly complex. Non-compliance can create significant exposure. We provide industry-specific guidance in health care, financial services, consumer marketing, telecommunications and other segments. We also counsel on use of online and "cloud-based" networking capabilities and the specific risks and opportunities they can present.

Most companies benefit from a cross-functional team, including legal counsel, IT professionals and C-suite executives, that addresses risk management and best practices in order to limit exposure. Our breadth of experience is the perfect complement to your internal cross-functional team. Likewise, we have assembled a multi-disciplinary team of attorneys who work with clients to manage risks in advance of any problems, and respond quickly if an incident occurs.







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Your way is how litigation partner Alison Ballard describes the Taylor English culture. With a unique model to fit attorneys at any stage, Alison shares her practice growth in data privacy thanks to the firm's flexible structure. 

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For any company, no matter its size, formulating a cyber security plan is in its best interest. Listen to our experienced panel as they launch into an engaging, enlightening, and at times humorous, discussion on what you can do to plan for your company's future.

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