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Return on investment is what drives your business and it’s what you expect in legal services, too. We deliver a full spectrum of corporate and business legal services that are efficient, cost effective and performed by an experienced group of attorneys who average 25 years in practice.

We provide practical advice to clients on a wide range of issues, often with the perspective of our more than two dozen Corporate lawyers who have worked as senior in-house counsel or general counsels. While many firms can offer a full spectrum of corporate law services, ours is distinguished by the real-world, operational experience of many of our attorneys, who work in concert with lawyers who joined us after decades at some of the nation’s largest law firms. Our legal advice is tempered by the real-world experience of lawyers who have participated in running businesses and meeting expectations of boards and shareholders. We deliver value—in price and quality.





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Video thumbnail of Partnering with a Fractional General Counsel

In the words of Allen W. Nelson, co-founder of t|e General Counsel, a fractional GC arrangement marries business-savvy legal counsel with predictable costs. For staffing companies, this model embeds experienced, former general counsel and other former senior in-house attorneys into the company, on terms driven by the client. This allows the fractional GC to advise on complex legal and business life cycle issues based on their own experience in business and sitting at the senior table of other companies. Serving a wide range of companies — from start-ups, to growth stage companies, to mid-size companies, and beyond — the fractional GC model allows companies to receive the legal counsel needed without the fully-loaded expense of a full-time employee.

Video thumbnail of Startups 101: Basic Legal Concepts for Entrepreneurs

Jonathan Wilson provides a roadmap for entrepreneurs creating a startup, highlighting important legal considerations. Jonathan leverages his 30+ years of experience counseling startups to outline concepts that can help drive success, including company formation and tax considerations. He provides insights into raising capital–including exempt offerings and prerequisites–in addition to capital raising structures. Jonathan closes by touching on potential investor issues to be aware of and tips for selecting the right lawyer to support your startup journey.

Video thumbnail of Breakfast on the Blockchain Recap

Bryan Jacoutot covers the basics of what blockchain is, how blockchain works, how it came to be and how bitcoin uses the blockchain.

Video thumbnail of Cyber Security Planning in the Wake of Equifax

For any company, no matter its size, formulating a cyber security plan is in its best interest. Listen to our experienced panel as they launch into an engaging, enlightening, and at times humorous, discussion on what you can do to plan for your company's future.

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