Your mission to protect, educate, nurture, and encourage our next generation is a powerful responsibility. Understanding and protecting that trust is at the core of Taylor English’s Youth-Serving Organization (YSO) practice.

We designed our purpose-built, holistic approach to ensure the success of organizations and the wellbeing and safety of the youth they serve. Proactively, we work with organizations to establish and implement clear policies, procedures, education, and abuse/injury prevention measures such as training, checklists, and risk audits. Responsively, we support organizations through claims of abuse or other injuries as well as internal and independent investigations. Together, our efforts help youth organizations:

  • Recognize threats and prevent harm to children
  • Avoid, reduce, and defend against injury claims, including abuse
  • Manage and respond to crises
  • Navigate internal and independent investigations
  • Defend against regulatory or law enforcement actions
  • Protect the safety and wellbeing of all children

Our attorneys are uniquely positioned to lead policy and education efforts, trauma-informed investigations, and crisis response. We have decades of direct experience in social work, foster care, criminal prosecution, and the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS). These experiences have given us firsthand knowledge of the impact that insufficient preparation, claims of abuse, and poor situation containment can have on organizations, children, and families alike. We have the relationships and knowledge necessary to address your challenge–with integrity and privacy–before, during, and after you face them.

Through tailored guidance, we assist youth-serving organizations in adopting best practices, principles, and protocols to foster an environment where children and staff can thrive.



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