White-CollarCivil and Criminal Defense

Our White-Collar Criminal Defense practice brings a rare combination of experience and knowledge to defend clients against white-collar criminal proceedings.

Our White-Collar Civil and Criminal Defense practice brings a rare combination of experience and knowledge to defend clients against white-collar civil and criminal proceedings to help them:

  • Identify potential issues of concern to the U.S. Department of Justice
  • Stop investigations before clients are charged
  • Avoid indictment
  • Minimize exposure to the criminal system and civil sanctions
  • Restore the life of the client

Led by a former federal prosecutor and senior lawyer at the Justice Department, and a former judge, our team offers invaluable insights drawn from comprehensive experience across a range of industries, with particular experience in the highly intricate, heavily regulated healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. We have conducted civil and criminal trials in many complex areas in numerous Federal District Courts nationwide. Our team brings extensive knowledge from leading investigations across a range of specialties (including urology, oncology and cardiology), working with state and federal agencies like the Department of Justice, the Federal Transit Administration, the Federal Trade Commission and more.

We help executives protect themselves from civil and criminal exposure across accusations of:

  • Bribery
  • Bid rigging
  • Tax fraud
  • Price fixing
  • Market manipulation
  • FCPA threats

Our team understands the range of economic, personal and emotional challenges resulting from white-collar civil and criminal allegations and provide strategic, intentional counsel on practical and procedural levels. Achieving a favorable resolution is a complex process and a race against time. Even with the rapid change of technology and markets, there’s little we haven’t seen or experienced. And we use that knowledge to evaluate every case individually, make sound strategic decisions, and protect the business and lives of our clients.



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