It is an understatement to say that the legal needs of technology companies are more complex and critical than ever before. With multiple types of technology deeply embedded into virtually every industry and market, entrepreneurs leading startups and mid-size companies can turn brilliant ideas into innovative products and services in a flash. Without proper legal guidance, however, even the most compelling tech can fail to deliver on its promise.

From data security and information access to communications and intellectual property, our extensive in-house and general counsel experience gives us valuable behind-the-scenes perspectives. That experience combines with our years of experience to support technology clients on matters that include:

  • Emerging company formation and succession planning
  • Operational considerations around the design and development of software
  • IT sourcing
  • Financing and venture capital advising
  • Information security and privacy
  • IP protection

Our firm’s model of broad services, collaborative counsel and flexible payment structures enables us to tap into multiple resources, delivering full-service legal solutions on a highly efficient, as-needed basis. Above all, we are creative problem solvers with deep knowledge of the transactional and contractual issues affecting technology companies. Our understanding of business imperatives as well as technology priorities allows us to guide and protect technology clients through every stage of their business growth and success.



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