Virtually any business can say, “time is money,” but nowhere is the maxim more applicable than in manufacturing. From tangible mechanical processes to advanced technological platforms, the possibilities for downtime and delays anywhere in the system are innumerable–and can grind an entire business to a halt. Likewise, anything that removes obstacles and delivers efficiencies–like the right manufacturing legal counsel–can yield distinct advantages.

Our Manufacturing Practice brings an insider perspective to every client interaction. Having numerous attorneys that have served as in-house counsel for a wide range of manufacturing companies, we know the behind-the-scenes situations and challenges manufacturers face, including direct experience with OSHA, the EPA and the EEOC. In other words, we are uniquely positioned to support clients with:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Employment and compensation agreements and claims
  • Patent and trademark matters and trade secrets
  • Lending and corporate financing
  • Strategic counsel and litigation support on product liability claims
  • Labor relations including collective bargaining

Protecting clients is our number one priority. We are hyper-responsive, always looking to support specific business goals, whether via boots-on-the-ground, in-person action, or a quick conversation. We merge our understanding of mechanics, engineering, workflow, supply chains, HR, and budgeting with decades of manufacturing-specific legal expertise to nimbly connect clients with the resources and answers they need. Likewise, our depth and breadth of experience enable us to consider multiple details and scenarios at once, ultimately informing valuable business advice as well as legal counsel.

From disclosures to indemnity to warranties, we review the fine print to help clients make intentional and informed decisions. Knowing that employees come and go, we advise on protecting trade secrets and innovations, ensuring corporate rights and knowledge transfer. Above all, our client orientation and flexibility mean that every engagement enjoys customization and an exceptional return on investment in legal services.



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