Your brand is your corporate identity. It’s your name, your appearance, how you represent your business and how others perceive it. Your marketing team will help you establish corporate and product names, logos and taglines that reflect and reinforce that identity. But the right legal counsel is critical to protect your brand at every stage of your business development. Without it, even the most perfectly crafted imagery and messaging can be rendered meaningless, leaving the business in a precarious and costly position.

From identification and registration to monitoring and enforcement, the complex trademark journey requires a mix of savvy legal and business counsel. Our team of experienced attorneys provides trusted advice to clients, enabling them to build and protect their brands with confidence and helping them:

  • Search for availability and analyze risks before adopting a trademark
  • Acquire trademarks through federal and state trademark registrations
  • Integrate trademark portfolios with branding strategies and marketing campaigns
  • Prepare trademark usage guides and programs
  • Create trademark licensing programs to maximize revenue and protect trademark assets
  • Implement trademark monitoring programs to identify infringing activities
  • Prosecute and defend opposition and cancellation proceedings at the Trademark Trial & Appeal Board
  • Prosecute and defend trademark infringement actions

Having backgrounds supporting businesses across a wide variety of commercial, consumer, educational, and entertainment industries gives us insight into the power of trademarks and what is needed to best protect clients. As factors like technology and consumer trends impact the way goods and services are bought and sold, the role, value, and needs of trademarks are continually evolving. We are constantly tracking and working at the front lines of that evolution, enabling us to educate and safeguard clients, keeping them on track and ahead of trends.

Our holistic counsel is more relational than transactional, which means clients can keep their focus where it matters most–on their businesses. We are equipped to identify triggers and know what areas of conflict may look like in front of a judge or a trademark examiner–so clients are prepared to resolve any potential conflict, with or without litigation. Indeed, by prioritizing trust alongside our clients’ business needs and goals, we look out for their long-term interest and position them for ongoing success.



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