Innovative products and processes are exciting game changers for businesses. Whether they illuminate new efficiencies or new markets, they practically scream opportunity–which is why it is incumbent on inventors and the companies they serve to protect their inventions rapidly and properly.

Our IP patent legal group provides clients with targeted advice across a broad spectrum of patent-related matters. With backgrounds in engineering and technology as well as patent law, we simultaneously tap both left- and right-brain methods to deliver responsive, flexible, understandable patent solutions that are as innovative and practical as our clients’ inventions. From our docketing systems and processes to the variety of ways in which we can structure payment for services, we insist on client-centric solutions, including support for:

  • Patent applications
  • Licensing
  • International patent protection
  • Patent portfolio management
  • Patent preparation, prosecution and enforcement
  • Reexamination and inter partes review proceedings

As invention is a non-stop process, it can be challenging to protect intellectual property in a timely manner. Being former in-house attorneys, patent examiners and engineers, we know what it takes to prepare applications that examiners will understand and help manage crucial deadlines. Our work extends from solo patent applicants, small companies and midsize agents to large companies with thousands of patents. We believe that invention should have as few hindrances as possible, so we provide counsel in a way that allows clients to scale boldly and keep finding new avenues for their creativity.

Our approach is always to engage whatever resources are appropriate for the job–be it one paralegal or a complete team of attorneys–to deliver value as well as results. Likewise, our practice model grants us the autonomy to act for our clients’ best interests with as few bureaucratic restrictions as possible. In short: we do whatever it takes to solve problems and exceed our clients’ expectations, so they can keep on inventing.



Understanding Patents: An Exploration of Patent Law

February 29th, 2024

A patent acts as a legal tool, granting inventors exclusive rights over a specific timeframe, preventing unauthorized creation, usage,…

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Edison’s Patent for the Electric Light Bulb

February 26th, 2024

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USPTO Publishes Guidance Allowing Use of AI to Derive an Invention if a Human “Significantly Contributed” to It

February 15th, 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) cannot be named as an “inventor” in a U.S. patent application, but it can be used as a tool to derive an…

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Russ Dunlap and Mitzi Hill Presenting at the Georgia Manufacturing Alliance Networking and Educational Session – Business Insights & Solutions

November 17th, 2023

Please join us for an interactive Georgia Manufacturing Alliance workshop discussion titled “November Networking and Educational Session…

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