Working with franchisors requires a foundation of trust and transparency. This mindset serves as a guidepost for Taylor English’s franchise practice team attorneys.


With decades of experience advising franchisors on a range of business and legal issues, the franchise team offers industry acumen, personalized counsel and flexible fee arrangements. Focused on client pain points and collaborative resolution, the team’s dynamic services are well-suited for start-ups and seasoned businesses alike.

Having a detailed understanding of the franchise landscape allows for the delivery of customized business and legal solutions. Franchise services include managing Franchise Disclosure Documents (FDD’s), state registrations and filings, mergers and acquisitions, contracts and related materials for franchisors and handling trademark registration/protection.

An innate aspect of franchising is dispute resolution, which involves counsel, mediation, arbitration and in some instances, representation in court. Hiring a trusted legal advisor to efficiently manage behind-the-scenes details can lead to a myriad of benefits, including saved time, talent and treasure. Offering a flexible free structure also removes what can be a point of friction for clients and attorneys, keeping the attention on critical legal and business matters.

For franchisors seeking value-driven counsel and a tailored client experience, Taylor English’s nimble and knowledgeable franchise team is ready to tackle all your franchise support needs.


The franchise team at Taylor English represents franchisees from start to finish using an entrepreneurial mindset.

At the start, we review and analyze Franchise Disclosure Documents and Franchise Agreements across all industry segments, generally for a fixed fee. Our franchise team members counsel clients on purchase decisions and franchise requirements to identify potential challenges and chart a path for long-term success.

We regularly assist our franchisee clients on all aspects of their business. Services extend to include the formation of corporations and LLCs to leasing and real estate acquisitions, labor and employment issues, and other specialty licensing questions. The goal is to serve as a true business advisor, assisting with any legal needs tied to your franchise.

The franchise team also brings a wealth of experience representing franchisees in disputes with their franchisor. We understand that maintaining a symbiotic relationship between franchisees and franchisors is ideal in terms of problem solving, without litigation or formal dispute resolution mechanisms. Where those approaches do not lead to a successful resolution, the team stands ready to manage mediation, arbitration and litigation matters.

For franchisees, working with Taylor English means having a partner throughout the life-cycle of your business. The team merges decades of legal experience with practical business advice to support franchise owners like you.

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