Data Security andPrivacy

“We’ve had a data breach.” Few phrases strike more confusion and concern into the hearts of business owners. From the possibility of losing critical information and trade secrets to the compromise of customer information and the need to spring into remedial action, the costs in terms of time, money and trust are high.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the question isn’t whether any given business will experience a cybersecurity breach but when–and how to avoid catastrophic legal and PR implications and impact.

Our Data Security and Privacy team works with clients and their cybersecurity providers on best practices to keep our clients prepared, equipped for risk management and out of the headlines. With decades of industry, in-house and international experience, we bring a deep understanding of technology and evolving data and cybersecurity laws to our counsel, which includes:

  • Compliance planning and policy development
  • Government regulations and legislation
  • Security and compliance audits and assessments
  • Preparedness planning
  • Supply chain contract review and counsel on cybersecurity commitments
  • Employee education and training
  • Crisis response

Regardless of size, sector or the role technology plays in your operations, a cybersecurity plan is an essential cost of doing business. This is especially important for small and mid-sized companies that can be more vulnerable to breaches and threats while operating with fewer resources. And although compliance need not drive business, it is critical to ensure that business operations are shored up against threat, policies are in place to govern internal and external privacy and security commitments, and contracts with your customers and providers are crafted to provide optimal assistance and assurances in the event of a security threat.

In addition, the greatest threat to the security and privacy of your data isn’t technological at all–it’s behavioral. From securing devices and ensuring regular system-wide software upgrades and hardware checks to recognizing spoofed messages and phishing attempts, the greatest threat to data security is the human errors that any individual team member can make. Clients rely on us to identify the right combination of policies, procedures and training to help them safeguard information and avoid costly legal and business fees tied to cybersecurity incidents.

The bottom line is this: No business can afford the luxury of hoping that an incident won’t occur. Every business must prepare itself as well as possible to respond to those incidents. And while the right technological protection matters, so does legal counsel designed to help you manage security events as swiftly and seamlessly as possible–with minimal impact on business operations, relationships and finances.



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