Corporate andBusiness

Business owners are passionate leaders, compelled by a creative purpose, a drive for independence, or simply the need to do something better than it’s ever been done before. To achieve their goals, however, they need legal guidance on things like governance, real estate, employment and contract negotiations.

They also require experienced counsel to overcome obstacles and empower smart decisions. And they must have flexibility so their legal support can scale alongside their business growth.

Decades of in-house legal, general counsel and business-specific education and experience inform each client engagement. We are problem solvers, always looking to analyze client scenarios and provide intentional business and legal counsel. We pride ourselves on not “over-lawyering” and instead being responsible stewards of our clients’ time and budgets while supporting a full range of issues, including:

  • Business organization and planning
  • Entity formation and succession planning
  • Negotiating and documenting investments
  • Business operations and regulatory compliance support
  • Review and structuring of commercial agreements
  • Shareholder and board member representation
  • Corporate governance advice and guidance

Our resources and backgrounds come together to provide holistic support to entrepreneurs, founders and business owners. We’re structured to serve corporate and business clients from initial formation to ultimate exit strategy. And an insistence on understanding client needs and goals allows us to collaborate productively and infuse our counsel with a business-minded perspective.

We begin each interaction with the idea that legal counsel should support business solutions, not drive them. By developing recommendations and guidance in the context of our clients’ businesses, our attorneys avoid getting bogged down in legal minutiae. From technology to finance to healthcare and beyond, our trusted counsel enables clients to focus on their businesses and maximize their success.



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Taylor English Duma LLP was built from the ground up to provide highest-quality legal services for optimal value. The firm combines the best aspects of a traditional law firm with seasoned attorneys throughout the United States. Together, our attorneys work each day to provide timely, creative, and cost-effective counsel to help clients solve problems and achieve goals. Taylor English clients run the gamut from Fortune 500 companies to middle market businesses to start ups and entrepreneurs. The firm is the Georgia law firm member of GGI Global Alliance AG, the leading worldwide alliance of accounting and law firms, giving our clients access to a trusted stable of high-quality professional services organizations around the globe.

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