Consumer protection laws challenge businesses in two ways. Proactively, companies must comply with laws designed to protect consumers from deceptive, fraudulent, or otherwise unfair behavior and practices. Responsively, even organizations that do everything right may still face allegations of harm, which must be addressed.

Our Consumer Law practice team advises clients on compliance, exposure and mitigation efforts related to alleged violations of federal, state or local laws. Our deep understanding of the ins and outs of consumer regulations, laws and statutes positions us to advise clients on matters including:

  • Preventing predatory lending
  • Housing discrimination
  • Securities fraud
  • Privacy violations
  • Counseling on risk management and regulatory compliance

Our goal is to protect against costly and risky pitfalls and help clients preserve and recover their brands in instances of defense. We always strive to educate and empower clients to serve their customers as safely and ethically as possible. We also bring deep experience to our handling of claims investigations and litigation of claims under multiple federal and state laws, regulations and analogous statutes, including:

  • Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act
  • Consumer Credit Protection Act
  • Consumer Leasing Act
  • Deceptive Trade Practices Act Claims
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Act
  • Equal Credit Opportunity Act
  • Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
  • Georgia Fair Business Practices Act
  • Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • Truth in Lending Act

In short: our focus is to safeguard clients by focusing on compliance in the marketplace. And, should claims arise–be they legitimate or spurious–we empower businesses to respond quickly, address issues and get back to work.



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