Appellate law is significantly different from the trial process that precedes it.

When a trial-level result is appealed, the tone must often go from emotional to more dispassionate, focused on the legal issues most likely to lead to reversal on appeal in light of the process and procedures surrounding the trial. This distinct approach underscores the need for a different kind of attorney to support your matter on appeal.

As skilled researchers and writers, we provide straightforward, issues-driven counsel for high-stakes cases. Our Appellate practice is highly analytical and laser-focused on details. We advise clients on the pursuit and defense of appeals, partnering with trial attorneys and sharing insights about the appellate process and judicial panel.

We collaborate with trial counsel, both at our firm and externally, while trial proceedings are ongoing to prepare dispositive motions, jury instructions, and pre- and post-verdict motions and findings. In short, appellate attorneys remove the burden of appeals issues so trial attorneys can focus on substantive matters unique to the trial phase of a case. It is a relationship that can overturn or defend a victory for the client’s benefit.

Our process recognizes that a successful appeal is not a trial redo with cut-and-pasted filings from the trial proceedings. The work is intentional, examining the trial in the context of the appellate process. With decades of experience teaching law and working at federal circuit courts, we are attuned to the issues that concern appellate judges. Developing solid briefs, maintaining a pulse on the progression of appeals and building persuasive oral arguments are how we achieve results. It’s an endurance approach, not a sprint, that works for the best interests of our clients.



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