Especially in industries with limited supply chains and talent pools, friendly relationships between competitors are almost inevitable. After all, who else will understand your common challenges and concerns?

There is a fine line between “co-opetition” and price or wage fixing – the targets of many of today’s antitrust lawsuits. As the Department of Justice continues to ramp up enforcement efforts in line with the Sherman Antitrust Act, one essential truth is clear: Every operator in every industry should have an antitrust compliance policy and enforcement plan in order to avoid very real consequences – including significant fines and prison time.

Our Antitrust practice approaches the needs of each holistically, evaluating circumstances to build policies and plans that align with company values. We help companies maneuver acquisitions and growth while complying with appropriate laws and regulations. And we counsel clients to avoid exposure and safeguard them from the legal implications of potential violations, including:

  • Price fixing
  • Wage fixing
  • Bid rigging
  • Market allocation
  • Monopolies

We believe that maintaining a pulse on evolving enforcement priorities and knowing when to pursue leniency provisions is essential to containing exposure. Our primary goal is always to avoid charges, preventing problems by advising clients at the first hint of a potential issue. However, our team’s extensive experience trying and defending Antitrust cases couples with decades of DOJ experience and private practice work to rapidly assess situations, strategize and prevent criminal sanctions.



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