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Clients focused on growth–from entrepreneurs to early stage through more mature companies–are ideal clients for t|e General Counsel. The practice group includes attorneys with a dynamic mix of general counsel experience. As co-founder Allen W. Nelson notes, the team supports holistic legal and business service needs.

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Allen W. Nelson, t|e General Counsel co-founder, shares the power and productivity of the firm’s fractional general counsel offering. Composed of experienced, former general counsels and in-house attorneys, the team works with a range of clients from start-ups to mid-market companies. The team’s goal: to provide value-driven legal counsel and lifecycle business services.

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t|e General Counsel co-founder Allen W. Nelson shares the rewarding aspects of his role and partnering with seasoned team members. Business-savvy attorneys in the fractional General Counsel practice bring a sensibility and understanding of complex issues that in turn produce client wins.

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In the words of Allen W. Nelson, co-founder of t|e General Counsel, a fractional GC arrangement marries business-savvy legal counsel with predictable costs. For staffing companies, this model embeds experienced, former general counsel and other former senior in-house attorneys into the company, on terms driven by the client. This allows the fractional GC to advise on complex legal and business life cycle issues based on their own experience in business and sitting at the senior table of other companies. Serving a wide range of companies — from start-ups, to growth stage companies, to mid-size companies, and beyond — the fractional GC model allows companies to receive the legal counsel needed without the fully-loaded expense of a full-time employee.

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For any company, no matter its size, formulating a cyber security plan is in its best interest. Listen to our experienced panel as they launch into an engaging, enlightening, and at times humorous, discussion on what you can do to plan for your company's future.

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