• Attorney: Donald P. Boyle Jr.

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Video thumbnail of Litigation Fundamentals with Henry Quillian and Donald Boyle | Lost or Destroyed Trial Transcripts and the Importance of Opening and Closing Statements

Attorneys Henry M. Quillian III and Don Boyle discuss a variety of important topics including: 1) what happens when your trial transcript gets lost or destroyed, 2) the importance of the opportunity to both open and close, including when you have counterclaims and 3) recent cases by the Georgia Supreme Court on (a) appellate jurisdiction, (b) statutory interpretation and (c) stare decisis.

Video thumbnail of Litigation Fundamentals with Henry Quillian | Exposure to Attorney's Fees Claims Under Georgia Law as a Result of Litigation

Henry M. Quillian III, Donald P. Boyle Jr., Catherine M. Banich, and Vanessa Y. Suh of Taylor English discusses the topic "Exposure to Attorney's Fees Claims Under Georgia Law as a Result of Litigation" in this Litigation Fundamentals video.

Video thumbnail of Litigation Fundamentals with Henry Quillian | The Difference Between the Georgia Civil Procedure and Court Rules and the Federal Practice Rules

When in doubt, read the rules. In this Litigation Fundamentals segment, Henry M. Quillian III concentrates on some of the distinctions between going under the civil practice act and operating in the federal courts under the federal rules of civil procedure both with respect to local rules and with respect to federal rules of civil procedure versus the civil practice act. This is with the goal of not making mistakes in one court or another based on the presumption that something is the same when in fact it is not, and sometimes you have very material differences in the outcome. Donald P. Boyle Jr. makes a guest appearance on the issue of restrictions on amendment to pleadings.

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