Video thumbnail of Built for Business. Built for Results. Built for Value.

For the attorneys at Taylor English, A New Breed of Law Firm is more than just a tagline. It’s a different way of thinking – and an unusually value-driven approach to supporting businesses.

Video thumbnail of Best Holiday Party Practices

Hosting a holiday party with beer, wine or spirits comes with responsibilities for the host. Michele Stumpe, alcohol licensing and compliance attorney at Taylor English, provides holiday party best practices including acquiring social host liability insurance, offering foods high in fats, and refraining from serving alcohol to minors.

Video thumbnail of Breakfast on the Blockchain Recap

Bryan Jacoutot covers the basics of what blockchain is, how blockchain works, how it came to be and how bitcoin uses the blockchain.

Video thumbnail of Cyber Security Planning in the Wake of Equifax

For any company, no matter its size, formulating a cyber security plan is in its best interest. Listen to our experienced panel as they launch into an engaging, enlightening, and at times humorous, discussion on what you can do to plan for your company's future.

Video thumbnail of Taylor English's HR Minute | Americans with Disabilities Act: Employee Rule Violations

Shawntel R. Hebert talks about things an employer should look for and what their rights and responsibilities when faced with a request for accommodations after an employee has violated a workplace rule.

Video thumbnail of Taylor English's HR Minute | Americans with Disabilities Act: What Constitutes a Disability

Shawntel R. Hebert discusses the Americans with Disabilities Act and employee requests for accommodation and what an employers responsibilities and rights are with respect to dealing with those requests.

Video thumbnail of Taylor English's HR Minute | Conducting an Investigation

Alison M. Ballard discusses how to structure the workplace investigation. 

Video thumbnail of Taylor English's HR Minute | Workplace Investigations

Alison M. Ballard discusses tips on how to conduct a workplace investigation and what to think about when conducting an investigation.

Video thumbnail of Employment Seminar | C-Suite in the Crucible: Managing the Cycle of a High-Stakes Investigation

In-house counsel and executives discuss employment-related best practices and real-life scenarios in C-Suite investigations.

Video thumbnail of Annual Litigation Seminar for In-house Counsel | The Changing Standards of Litigation Management

Taylor English colleagues and legal leaders shared best practices and strategies for adapting to today’s changing litigation landscape and improving the management and performance litigation departments and companies.