Video thumbnail of The Taylor English Story: Founders Discussion

Founders Scott Duma, Joe English and Marc Taylor discuss the genesis of the purpose-built firm. The group attributes organic firm growth–from four attorneys in 2005 to nearly 200 current attorneys–to a flexible work environment, real-time compensation system and collaborative culture.

Video thumbnail of Redefining Remote Legal Services

Launched in 2017, Taylor English’s Remote attorney platform exemplifies the firm’s efforts to disrupt the traditional delivery of legal services. Taylor English is shaping the law firm of the future by engaging legal talent from across the country and providing them with tools for success.

Video thumbnail of Finding a Balance: Young Parent Roundtable

Taylor English attorneys Russell Dunlap, Amanda Hyland and Natalie Mark discuss life as working parents. The group addresses how the firm's progressive and agile work environment creates balance and fosters client connectivity.

Video thumbnail of Marc Taylor - The Tao of TED

Our core belief is that everything we do must drive value to our clients. From this belief came the Tao of TED—Excellence, Accountability, Opportunity and Gratitude.

Video thumbnail of Meet Joe English, Founding Partner – TED’s Culture Is the Cornerstone

Taylor English’s culture and structure embraces value. Value to our clients. Value to our colleagues. When the focus is on value, the shackles inherent in many traditional law firms fall away.

Video thumbnail of Conversations with TED Episode 2: Corporate Restructuring with Sean Erwin, Chairman of Verso Corp.

In this episode of Conversations with TED, corporate team member Gray McCalley interviews Verso Corp Chairman Sean Erwin on the pandemic’s economic impact on corporate restructuring.

Video thumbnail of Introduction – t|e General Counsel

Allen W. Nelson, t|e General Counsel co-founder, shares the power and productivity of the firm’s fractional general counsel offering. Composed of experienced, former general counsels and in-house attorneys, the team works with a range of clients from start-ups to mid-market companies. The team’s goal: to provide value-driven legal counsel and lifecycle business services.

Video thumbnail of Practice Spotlight – t|e General Counsel

Clients focused on growth–from entrepreneurs to early stage through more mature companies–are ideal clients for t|e General Counsel. The practice group includes attorneys with a dynamic mix of general counsel experience. As co-founder Allen W. Nelson notes, the team supports holistic legal and business service needs.

Video thumbnail of Joys of the Job – t|e General Counsel

t|e General Counsel co-founder Allen W. Nelson shares the rewarding aspects of his role and partnering with seasoned team members. Business-savvy attorneys in the fractional General Counsel practice bring a sensibility and understanding of complex issues that in turn produce client wins.

Video thumbnail of Partnering with a Fractional General Counsel

In the words of Allen W. Nelson, co-founder of t|e General Counsel, a fractional GC arrangement marries business-savvy legal counsel with predictable costs. For staffing companies, this model embeds experienced, former general counsel and other former senior in-house attorneys into the company, on terms driven by the client. This allows the fractional GC to advise on complex legal and business life cycle issues based on their own experience in business and sitting at the senior table of other companies. Serving a wide range of companies — from start-ups, to growth stage companies, to mid-size companies, and beyond — the fractional GC model allows companies to receive the legal counsel needed without the fully-loaded expense of a full-time employee.

Video thumbnail of Startups 101: Basic Legal Concepts for Entrepreneurs

Jonathan Wilson provides a roadmap for entrepreneurs creating a startup, highlighting important legal considerations. Jonathan leverages his 30+ years of experience counseling startups to outline concepts that can help drive success, including company formation and tax considerations. He provides insights into raising capital–including exempt offerings and prerequisites–in addition to capital raising structures. Jonathan closes by touching on potential investor issues to be aware of and tips for selecting the right lawyer to support your startup journey.

Video thumbnail of Practice Group Spotlight: Bitcoin

As a founding member of the firm’s Bitcoin practice group, Bryan Jacoutot shares the team’s background and interest in supporting Bitcoin-centric companies. He  touches on the regulatory and legal issues innate to the Bitcoin industry and how Taylor English’s proactive counsel can protect clients from potential future litigation. 

Video thumbnail of Conversations with TED Episode 1: Peter Spanos, Part 2 - Evolution to a Remote Practice

In Part 2 of Conversations with TED, remote attorney lead Chris Wilson interviews Employment and Labor Relations attorney Peter Spanos about the remote attorney concept.

Video thumbnail of Conversations with TED Episode 1: Peter Spanos, Part 1 - Evolution to a Remote Practice

Taylor English’s new podcast, Conversations with TED, spotlights firm team members, their talents and areas of expertise. In this first installment of Conversations with TED, remote attorney lead Chris Wilson interviews Employment and Labor Relations attorney Peter Spanos.

Video thumbnail of Meet Shawntel Hebert

A partner in Taylor English’s Employment and Labor Relations group, Shawntel Hebert first realized her interest in employment law as a student at Emory University School of Law.

Video thumbnail of Meet Alison Ballard

Your way is how litigation partner Alison Ballard describes the Taylor English culture. With a unique model to fit attorneys at any stage, Alison shares her practice growth in data privacy thanks to the firm's flexible structure. 

Video thumbnail of Meet Attorney Bill Dillon

As a white collar defense attorney for almost a decade and as a federal white collar prosecutor for two and a half decades, Bill Dillon is innately familiar with the inner workings of federal investigations.

Video thumbnail of Meet Attorney Russell Dunlap

Russell Dunlap, an intellectual property attorney, is passionate about supporting and safeguarding his clients' inventions. Leveraging his background in mechanical engineering and focusing on patents, he counsels clients in consumer goods and manufacturing.

Video thumbnail of Partnership Spotlight: Georgia Appleseed

Georgia Appleseed is focused on dismantling the school to prison pipeline for Georgia’s marginalized youth. Housed at Taylor English’s headquarters, the organization partners with a number of firm attorneys to drive social justice reform for the state’s most vulnerable population.

Video thumbnail of Wrangling the Wild West: Reggie Snyder on Georgia’s Cannabis Industry

Reggie Snyder is a burgeoning specialist on the cannabis industry. As a litigation attorney for more than 20 years, Reggie is drawn to the cannabis industry’s bridging of all aspects of law, including regulatory compliance, labor and employment, environmental issues, litigation and real estate.

Video thumbnail of Meet Attorney Reggie Snyder

An Alabama native, Reggie Snyder brings 20 years of litigation experience serving the commercial, construction and real estate industries.

Video thumbnail of The Giving Kitchen – Emergency Support for Food Service Workers

The Giving Kitchen promise is to provide stability to the those food service workers who find themselves in a crisis situation.

Video thumbnail of Meet Michele Stumpe and Kerry Stumpe

Michele Stumpe and Kerry Stumpe share their experiences with supporting the hospitality industry, and how the Taylor English model is a perfect marriage between having your own firm and the resources of a larger law firm.

Video thumbnail of Children of Conservation - Protecting African Wildlife by Strengthening Communities

Parents want to see their children thrive and wildlife conservation workers in Africa are no different.

Video thumbnail of Meet Frank Strickland – Daily Report’s Lifetime Achievement Recipient

Frank Strickland is the 2020 recipient of The Daily Report’s Lifetime Achievement award. A treasured member of the Georgia legal community, Frank discusses the changes in election law, or as he prefers to call it political law, and the counsel he provides to young lawyers.

Video thumbnail of Meet Attorney Christina Moore

Christina Moore, co-chair of the real estate practice, feels everyone is valued the same way at Taylor English. Passionate about helping people, she views that life is continually changing, and Taylor English allows you to adapt your practice to life’s changes.

Video thumbnail of Meet Attorney Micheline Johnson

In making the transition to Taylor English’s remote program, Micheline Johnson became an integral part of a collaborative team from day one.

Video thumbnail of Meet Attorney Billy DeClercq

Billy DeClercq has been with Big Law and a solo practitioner. For him, the move to Taylor English’s remote program gives him the best of both worlds. He has the support of a firm and the autonomy of practitioner honing his craft.

Video thumbnail of Best Holiday Party Practices

Hosting a holiday party with beer, wine or spirits comes with responsibilities for the host. Michele Stumpe, alcohol licensing and compliance attorney at Taylor English, provides holiday party best practices including acquiring social host liability insurance, offering foods high in fats, and refraining from serving alcohol to minors.

Video thumbnail of Breakfast on the Blockchain Recap

Bryan Jacoutot covers the basics of what blockchain is, how blockchain works, how it came to be and how bitcoin uses the blockchain.

Video thumbnail of Cyber Security Planning in the Wake of Equifax

For any company, no matter its size, formulating a cyber security plan is in its best interest. Listen to our experienced panel as they launch into an engaging, enlightening, and at times humorous, discussion on what you can do to plan for your company's future.

Video thumbnail of Taylor English's HR Minute | Americans with Disabilities Act: Employee Rule Violations

Shawntel R. Hebert talks about things an employer should look for and what their rights and responsibilities when faced with a request for accommodations after an employee has violated a workplace rule.

Video thumbnail of Taylor English's HR Minute | Americans with Disabilities Act: What Constitutes a Disability

Shawntel R. Hebert discusses the Americans with Disabilities Act and employee requests for accommodation and what an employers responsibilities and rights are with respect to dealing with those requests.

Video thumbnail of Taylor English's HR Minute | Conducting an Investigation

Alison M. Ballard discusses how to structure the workplace investigation. 

Video thumbnail of Taylor English's HR Minute | Workplace Investigations

Alison M. Ballard discusses tips on how to conduct a workplace investigation and what to think about when conducting an investigation.

Video thumbnail of Employment Seminar | C-Suite in the Crucible: Managing the Cycle of a High-Stakes Investigation

In-house counsel and executives discuss employment-related best practices and real-life scenarios in C-Suite investigations.

Video thumbnail of Annual Litigation Seminar for In-house Counsel | The Changing Standards of Litigation Management

Taylor English colleagues and legal leaders shared best practices and strategies for adapting to today’s changing litigation landscape and improving the management and performance litigation departments and companies.