The Legal Side of Your Project: How to Make Sure What’s Your is Yours, Georgia Production Partnership

Plaza Theatre
November 6, 2018

On November 6, 2018, Entertainment Partner Alan Clarke will participate as a panelist speaker at the Georgia Production Partnership (GPP) November meeting, “The Legal Side of Your Project: How to Make Sure What’s Your is Yours.” He, along with other panelists, will be discussing the issues involved in creating TV, film and internet projects when the creator involves other people in the process. Issues that can arise are the importance of protecting intellectual property rights and ownership of the property. They will accomplish this by looking at setting up companies to insulate the creator from personal liability, filing copyrights and trademarks, drafting non-disclosure agreements and work for hires, as well as licensing music and properties owned by third parties. Mr. Clarke will also be discussing at what point in the process an attorney should be involved, and how they can assist.

GPP is a non-profit coalition of companies and individuals who are active in Georgia’s film, video, music and digital industries. GPP serves a wide range of film and TV creatives including Studios Producers, Talent, Writers, Production Companies, Film Festivals and more.

To learn more about GPP, please visit their website.

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