HR Comply 2019, BLR

November 15, 2019

On November 15, 2019, Taylor English Employment attorney Glianny Fagundo will co-present a breakout session on terminations and performance management discussions training at BLR's HR Comply conference in Nashville, TN.

Discipline and termination talks aren’t fun for anyone. They are, however, essential. But what do you do when the employee whose performance you’re critiquing—or terminating—reacts badly, with an outburst or even a threat of violence? Drafting succinct, noninflammatory termination letters, performance reviews, and performance improvement plans can help defuse emotional reactions and the desire to bring a lawsuit. Anything that appears to “attack” an employee personally could spark angry, and potentially violent, reactions, even serving as legal ammunition in the event of a lawsuit against your organization. In addition, proper training for supervisors and managers to address and mitigate possible outbursts that could escalate to violence is essential. Workplace violence prevention training can help your frontline staff establish a game plan for managing situations in which emotions and anger run high.

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