"Transgender Issues in the Workplace," Webinar, American Staffing Association

October 18, 2016
3:00 PM-4:00 PM (ET)

On October 18, 2016, Shawntel R. Hebert and Bryan F. Jacoutot will be presenting an American Staffing Association webinar on the topic "Transgender Issues in the Workplace" from 3:00 PM-4:00 PM (ET).

Who Should Attend

  • Human Resources Managers
  • In-house Counsel


Employers should be continually mindful of their obligations toward transgender workers, especially when updating employee handbooks and planning annual equal employment opportunity/harassment training.

In this webinar, attendees will learn about the following:

  • The EEOC’s interpretation of transgender discrimination and potential employer liability
  • Employers caught in the crossfire: how to navigate conflicting positions of federal administrative agencies and courts, and conflicting federal and state positions
  • Transgender issues in the workplace: best practices for managing work forces that include transgendered employees

For more information on the webinar and to register, please visit the American Staffing Association Webinar website.

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