"Workplace Bullies: How Employers Can Detect and Prevent Workplace Bullying Before It Escalates to Violence," ACC Docket, Vol. 30, No. 3

April 2012

Bullying in the workplace is a real epidemic in our society. Courts and legislatures are steadily working to expand employer liability for bullying that occurs on the job. Thus, employers must begin to take bullying as seriously as more traditional forms of harassment, because of the consequences – from both a safety and liability perspective – are as severe.  This article examines the negative personal and organizational effects of bullying bosses, how to spot an abusive supervisor, and the steps to prevent vertical bullying.  Finally, the article explores a possible upside for employers to the increasing attention on bullying: earlier detection and prevention of workplace violence. Click here to read the article. Co-authored by Amy Loggins, Joseph M. English and Alison M. Ballard, ACC Docket, Association of Corporate Counsel, Vol. 30, No. 3, April 2012 Reprinted with permission from the Association of Corporate Counsel, © 2012. All Rights Reserved. www.acc.com.

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