The Value of EAPs in Tempestuous Times, HR Daily Advisor

January 18, 2019

In HR Daily Advisor’s Diversity Insight, Glianny Fagundo discusses the value that adopting benefit programs such as employee assistance programs (EAP) brings to a workplace in her article, “The Value of EAPs in Tempestuous Times.” EAPs, Ms. Fagundo explains, have numerous benefits for employers and employees alike including helping to minimize workplace disruptions and increase productivity. She provides a descriptive overview of what employers need to know about EAPs by covering the following key points:

  • What Are EAPs and Where Did They Come From?
  • Benefits and Services from an EAP
  • How to Take Full Advantage of an EAP
  • Do EAPs Work?
  • Are EAPs Subject to COBRA or ERISA?

You can read the full article in HR Daily Advisor's Diversity Insights.

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