From the Flea Market to the Online Marketplace: How Brand Owners Fight to Keep Infringers at Bay, IPWatchdog

November 22, 2019

Enforcing trademarks and copyrights across the sports, entertainment, fashion and other industries in the online marketplace is an increasing challenge for brand owners. Flea markets, swap meets and other brick-and-mortar shopping venues reported verdicts and settlements in the last 10 years that confirm commercial landlords/owners can be held liable for the trademark infringement activity of their tenants, with courts around the country extending liability for trademark infringement beyond just the party selling infringing products.

With an influx of online infringements being seen in connection with e-commerce sites and targeted advertisements, Bruce Siegal provides a decade of cases overflowing with proactive steps that brand owners and their counsel can take to stay ahead of infringers in the online world.

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