Attorney-Client Privilege, the Cohen Raid and the Mueller Investigation, Daily Report

Is everything in a lawyer’s office protected by attorney-client privilege? The answer is almost always “no.”

April 26, 2018

In an article published by the Daily Report, John M. Gross addressed the question of whether attorney-client privilege is dead. Five key elements that form attorney-client privilege is discussed in detail and applied to the Mueller investigation, the Michael Cohen raid, the Stormy Daniels Settlement, and the Sean Hannity hearing.

The five key elements include:

  1. Communications;
  2. Made for the purpose of giving and receiving legal advice;
  3. Between an attorney and a client (no one else);
  4. Made in circumstances offering a reasonable expectation of privacy; and
  5. The attorney and client must continue to maintain the confidentiality of the communication.

To read the full article, please visit the Daily Report website.

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