"Trials in the 21st Century: Communicating with Millennial Jurors," InsideCounsel

April 7, 2014

On April 3, 2014, InsideCounsel published the article, “Trials in the 21st Century: Communicating with Millennial Jurors,” by LeeAnn Jones, Amy Burton Loggins and Stephanie Ford Capezzuto. The article explores the rise in Millennial jurors and the different attitudes, beliefs and communication styles they bring to the courtroom. Because of their unique characteristics, in-house counsel and outside trial counsel should frame their messages and adjust their trail strategies and tactics to engage this new generation of jurors. By exploring the unique characteristics of Millennials, the authors suggest that counsel should tailor voir dire, build trust, simplify to engage jurors, embrace technology and appeal to fundamental fairness, as the group increasingly values social responsibility and community service. 

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