"Litigation: Effective Use of Early Case Assessment," InsideCounsel

February 7, 2014

On February 6, 2014, InsideCounsel published Jay Patton and Michele Stumpe's article, "Litigation: Effective Use of Early Case Assessment." The article provides a checklist for in-house and outside counsel to develop their own personal early case assessment (ECA) process.

To ensure a smooth collaboration between in-house and outside counsel, both parties should participate in the initial fact investigation, and identify and organize the important issues at hand. In addition, in order to assess the dispute value and settlement value, counsel should prepare an overview of the facts and issues to help identify gaps that either require further investigation and research. Patton and Stumpe suggest that if developed and implemented properly, an ECA protocol can be an effective way to manage and, ultimately, reduce litigation-driven legal spend.

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