"4 Ways to Make Click-Through Contracts Legal and Binding," Corporate Counsel

April 27, 2015

On April 27, 2015, Corporate Counsel published Mitzi L. Hill and Jonathan B. Wilson’s article, “4 Ways to Make Click-Through Contracts Legal and Binding.” Nearly everyone is accustomed to seeing notices on websites advertising that readers must “click here to accept these terms and conditions,” but not everyone realizes they are signing a legal contract. In this article, Ms. Hill and Mr. Wilson offer four tips for companies who do business on the web and use click-through agreements for their customers, including tapering the use of legal jargon and irrelevant language, confirming its coverage of legal fees, and clarifying the website operator’s data duties. They recommend an annual or biannual review of online contracts to keep the agreements fresh and user-friendly. Read the full article on the Corporate Counsel website.  

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