“Law and Order: Legal Issues in Forming and Running an IEC Practice,” Independent Educational Consultants Association's Insights Journal

August 12, 2021

In an article published in print and online in the Independent Educational Consultants Association's Insights Journal on August 12, 2021, Partner Penny Linsenmayer discusses legal considerations for operating an independent educational consultant (IEC) practice. 

“Whether you are just getting started, are evaluating if you have the best legal framework, or are considering expanding your practice beyond a sole proprietorship, it is worth the effort and cost to put a strong foundation in place,” Linsenmayer writes. 

She further explains key considerations in developing a legal framework for an IEC practice, including choice of entity, legal and accounting costs and contracts. 

“Investing in front-end expertise can save you money and hassles down the road–especially for issues that have the potential for assessment of retroactive penalties, such as mischaracterizing employees as contractors or failing to qualify to conduct business in other jurisdictions,” she concludes. 

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