"Cybersecurity Vendor Management Has Role in Risk Reduction," Daily Report 

July 10, 2017

In an article published by the Daily Report on July 10, 2017Mitzi L. Hill explains the importance of preplanning for cybersecutiy risk reduction. 

"Preplanning is the key to managing or avoiding a cyber incident. There are many ways to clean up your house internally and many ways to assess and plan for possible exposure. Preplanning is not just about your own internal practices, however: it's also about ensuring that your suppliers are managing their practices to your standards. Establishing your own "best practices" and policies is important to risk assessment and mitigation and to a defense based on the use of reasonable measures of protection. That effort may lose some effectiveness, however, if you fail to hold others to your standards when they are performing work for you. What follows are some basics to consider when evaluating your vendors and their commitments to your cybersecurity, as well as some specific measures to employ with those suppliers whose work might present a risk to your company data."

For the full article, you may visit the Daily Report website.

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