"Comparing the Tax Reform Proposals of Trump and Clinton," AccountingWEB

September 30, 2016

In an article published by AccountingWEB on September 28, 2016, Julian A. Fortuna provides guidance on Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton’s tax reform proposals. According to Mr. Fortuna, Clinton generally follows the proposals of the current administration, while Trump follows a Republican approach to tax reduction in all levels of the economy. He discusses several topics, including individual tax rates, capital gains and dividends, itemized deduction/personal exemptions, the Affordable Care Act, child and elder care incentives, federal estate tax, corporate tax rates, small business incentives, business tax incentives and “loopholes,” and international tax proposals. Mr. Fortuna states that, “While neither candidate is proposing a real fundamental change to our system of taxation, both have put forward recommendations that would significantly impact both individuals and businesses.” For the full article, subscribers of the publication may visit the AccountingWEB website.

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