Taylor English Client Launches iTunes App to Aid Children With Dyslexia

July 5, 2011

Atlanta, July 5, 2011- Taylor English Duma LLP is proud to represent entrepreneur Bill Allen and his company Undoda in the development of a revolutionary new iTunes app (compatible with the iPad, iPod and iPhone) designed to help elementary school students (including those with dyslexia) improve reading skills through a first-of-its-kind three-dimensional interactive book. Attorney Jonathan B. Wilson, who is part of the team that represents Allen, says of Undoda’s success, “We’re delighted for Bill, and Taylor English is honored to represent so many clients who make a difference. We are extremely grateful to be able to work as their partner as they develop their businesses, and we are always thrilled to watch those businesses thrive.”

Atlanta resident Bill Allen grew up knowing that he had difficulty reading but didn’t discover he was dyslexic until he had already graduated college. Dyslexia– according to the Mayo Clinic– is an impairment in the brain’s ability to translate written images, including written words, into meaningful language.

What Allen learned, as he came to recognize his own dyslexia, was that his brain was “wired” for three-dimensional learning, instead of the kind of two-dimensional learning associated with written text. That self-realization propelled Allen to dedicate his professional career to helping people with dyslexia learn to read with greater speed and success.

After spending many years teaching reading as a private tutor, Allen developed a successful eBook for all children, including those with special needs. With the advent of iTunes apps, however, Allen saw an opportunity to reach his target students more directly, and so he developed the iPhone app that teaches reading through a three-dimensional interactive book, which includes three different games.

The app – which focuses on a child-friendly Chinchilla named “Undoda” is an adventure story that integrates what Allen calls 'multimind' learning games, aimed at improving spelling, reading, and abstract thinking. The Undoda app utilizes Apple touchscreen technology to enhance the multimedia experience and expand on the multi-sensory concept.

Allen was able to launch the app by partnering with Fred Squared, LLC, a technology incubator firm, that agreed to create and develop Allen’s vision and do the necessary programming in exchange for an ownership interest in the app itself. The Taylor English legal team assisted Allen in structuring the transaction with the developers that made the final product possible.

The app has been ranked in the top 10 iPad eBooks since it was launched in early May, and initial reviews have been excellent. Best Apps for Kids gave it five out of five stars, and iPhone Apps Review Online called it “one of the most amazing and exciting kid’s apps that I have ever seen.” Allen is optimistic that the app will continue the success of the “mom-and-pop” eBook, which outranked Walt Disney, Dr. Seuss, and Dreamworks. “As our viral marketing continues to gather momentum,” he says, “number one is within our reach.”

Undoda is currently available on iTunes, and it will be reviewed by the New York Times Children's Technology section later this month.

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